human library

Act locally, think globally. Local activity in Liberec

When we were thinking about how we will spread our work on a local level, we have got an idea, which allows us to combine our main passion – the story, the education and the deepness. What we are talking about? We have organized the Human library edu in Liberec.

What is the Human librar edu?
This methodology was created almost 20 years ago to break up the stereotypes and prejudices. We were looking at this methodology and we combine the power of metaphor, where people are entering the library, choosing the book according to the annotation, signing the rules and then going to read – just with two basic differences: they are not paying to lend a book and the books are concrete people with a concrete story of victimisation because of prejudices. We change it a little bit to get more educational impact and to use it to make a world a better place for our kids!

Our Human library
In our Human library, we were focused on the topic of prejudices against Woman. But not only! We were working with the stories of 3 main prejudices. The first group was mainly telling the stories of prejudices according to their jobs. Readers had a chance to read books such a general manager of BONTON film, The psychologist in military service or the Spartan Race World Champion. The second group was rather focusing on living their dreams, even they had to change the life direction. So there was a doctor, who establish sewing company or a woman, who was previously in man’s body. The last group was connected mainly with manage to drive their own life even in a difficult situation such as cancer.

All together, we had more than 20 living books sharing their stories 363 times for 181 students from higschools. ,,The change we are doing in here is rather a seed in human thinking. You never know, when the magic will happen and when the three will grow up out of this see. But what we are sure about, that there are seeds. There is a change. And the change is an opportunity to keep track on humanity and to make world a better place to live in.” says one of the organizers and proud father in Mommas project,

Author: Antonín Ferdan – father of 3 boys, mentor, executive and project teams coach, founder of Simply Smart.