Final article from Paula’s heart

In a few time the world changed, our lives changed, our ways about take contact with people changed, and we have to adapt… four months ago we were in Mouriscade (Galiza) making plans for the second round of the project… and we heard to talk about a virus from China called Coronavirus… something that for […]

Work-life balance, babywearing and relaxing when needed. Interview with Anna Kšírová, founder of Loktu She

Anna Kšírová is a mother of two, medical doctor, babywearing suppporter, lecturer and co-founder of Lokut She, company which produces baby wraps and babywearing clothing. Jana Mitrova: Why have you decided to stop your medical career and start your own business? Anna Kšírová : The story is a bit different. My decision to start my […]

Inspiring woman: an athlete Esther Pedrosa

Esther Pedrosa is a 57 years old athlete from Santiago de Compostela (Galicia,Spain), a referent during decades in the compostelan female sports. In 1987 she won the Spanish Championship of Long Distance, and since there she kept on winning competitions and getting new world awards on her category. Esther is an elite sportswoman, personal trainer, […]