Herbal baths for the body and mind

Herbal baths provide gentle healing benefits for the body and mind. Depending on the herbs you choose, a herbal bath can relax or energize you, soften your skin, or ease muscle tension and soreness. Relaxing bath herbs include chamomile, lavender, linden (lime) flowers, and rose. Energizing bath herbs include lemon, eucalyptus, grapefruit, peppermint, and thyme. […]

Delicious family time

This chocolate cake is a great opportunity for us to enjoy family time while doing something we love and allowing everybody to participate in. What is more, this is a delicious recipe, proved by the fact it doesn’t last almost a day since we do it.   Ingredients 4 eggs 230 ml of milk (we […]

Mum and son. Telling stories

You know, what is weird? In a good way weird? That even if you were this modern, digital and „unrooted” person before, when you become somebody who is taking care of a child, you are immediately taken back to the most natural human heritage. You are holding a crying baby – you need to swing […]