jitka with kids

Jitka: “This is (NOT) a final letter


First of all, I want to thank all the organizers, this project was very successful, we had the opportunity to discuss, share, for which, however, it was necessary to open up at first. And I think that the organizers succeeded due to their feeling, empathy and desire to make this world a better place.

I think this project was literally saving lives, or at least accumulating enough energy to make it happen. I personally miss you all and will be happy to see you at any time.

And what has changed at our home? A year has passed since we last saw each other. Because I forcibly lost the last meeting. In February I didn’t get on the plane to Galicia, although I had paid flight tickets. We were only a few weeks after arriving from Gran Canaria and I had all the symptoms that we now call Covid-19. At that time, not much was known about it, and all around, “this thing” from China was taken lightly. By deciding not to take any chances and lying down, even though I was a little better at the time of departure, I believe that I did not cause a catastrophe at the last MOMMAS meeting, although I cannot confirm it, because there were no tests at this time. However, since then we have been doing more things for our health. We go swimming in the cold lakes and take a cold shower every day (only we adults).

We have also increased the amount of pickled sauerkraut this year and often have it in various uncooked forms. If there is an opportunity to catch vitamin D in the sun, we will use it immediately. I am trying to drink more green tea than a coffee And the mental well-being was mainly due to living in a village with a large garden, for which I am extremely grateful during this period. And my love – music – we play with my husband and maybe thanks to the Covid-19 break we will have enough repertoire to start performing again in the spring. I teach our 6 years old daughter a flute and we take a few children from kindergarten to the group (they are open in the Czech Republic), so even this mini hobby group charges me with energy. It is very interactive and individual, we play games about harmony, rythm, playing together and many elves help us :-).

Before there were restrictions, I again helped Janka with the Apple Festival in our village. Working as a software developer is now more or less a home office, but perhaps even more intensive than efore. We are launching several new products that will help the smarter waste management in the Czech and Slovak Republics. So these things help me now, I see something behind me / us, I try to keep my daily routine healthy and we have plans for the future. May everyone have the opportunity at this time to realize and compare their interests and priorities and take the first most difficult steps to implement them, so that it then goes by inertia in your direction ­čÖé

See you soon and many love to Kasia!

– Jitka H├╝bnerov├í