Final article from Paula’s heart

In a few time the world changed, our lives changed, our ways about take contact with people changed, and we have to adapt… four months ago we were in Mouriscade (Galiza) making plans for the second round of the project… and we heard to talk about a virus from China called Coronavirus… something that for many of us was something not much serious. In my case, I thought it was something normal like gripe… not much important… I sure was wrong!
The morning 12th of march our Government informed us about the situation. Many people were infected and we didn´t have enough sources to attend them in our public hospitals. Many people died… it was real… it was serious… and we started to be confined in our homes… No work, no
schools, nervousness, fear, anxiety… and the worst… without personal contact…
On the other hand, nature radiated serenity and gave a sensational feeling of freedom, we spent more time together, sharing our fears, our feelings, growing as a family. The nature talked to us… we needed to stop some practices… we had to hear it… we had to hear us…
The confinement was about 100 days… a lot of time to think, to reflect about us… as a family, as a mom, as a community, as a person… and as a project too. We found new ways to be together, using smartphones, computers and Internet, the open window to the world. We found ways… not easy ways, probably not the best… but definitively, we found it.
We have to adapt to our new life, with a beautiful and healthy
mask. During the process I was afraid about it. I have never been in a similar situation… but as in other areas of life, we have to look forward, and try to see the opportunities.

About the project… OUR ORGANIC AND LOVELY PROJECT… this project is so big and important for many moms and their kids, their families, their communities.

Now, we are a big family with a big home, our heart, and this heart have a big window, this blog, which have a chance to share, to learn, to teach… to feel! Is not possible to say only goodbay… I would like to say… SEE YOU SOON!