albrechtice meeting

“Keep the fire” – 2nd Mommas meeting in Czechia

How to sum up our last meeting in Albrechtice in the Czech republic? We had nice and cosy pension where was secure atmosphere for sharing stories, dilemas, emotions of more than 20 women. We continued very naturally on the last meeting in Poland. In Albrechtice we welcomed new inspiring women, who joined us without any barriers. Not in vain women power consist in acceptance, solicitude and love. All you need is to be open and everything is happening like it should. We got knew each other threw the others, looked into the eyes, opened our voices and cared about our bodies.

Very inspiring was common sharing and making dream catcher, slavic doll, quilling, home made tooth paste and sewing (bags, rucksacks…). For a while we returned into the old times when women sit around the fire together, sang, shared stories and made some products. „Keep the fire“ became the motto of our last meeting and hopefully it is not just written on the paper, but it is part of our lifes.

Not long time ago I read one quotation: „Who is working by hands, is a workman, who is working by hands and by head is a craftsman, who is working by hands, head and heart is an artist. I wish to all of us to be the artists of our lifes and just as good in caring about our children.

Author: Jana Mitrova