Think twice, choose one. Disscusion in Liberec Research Library

In some countries, there is no discussion where I supposed to give my kid to study. In Czech Republic is the situation different, as we made huge progress last years and a long discussion is taken place. But what are the main criteria to choose? We have decided to organize a meeting of different alternative waves in formal education for parents. And it has a huge audience.

It started as usually – by a question of our friend – How did you choose the right school for your kid? And than it was a coincidence, when another friend was asking to support while organizing such an event. We connect and we made it.

,,We invited 5 schools representatives to let people ask about how they are proceeding, where is the difference and what is the main value they are giving to kids when choosing them. We were strictly focused on parents perspective to avoid any systematic points of view, so we have asked for example how the schools are giving feedback to parents, to pupils and how they are developing the competencies, etc.” says proud mom, Kateřina Ferdanová.

We created a different flow of the meeting for 200 visitors. The first session was moderated by Mommas’s father Antonín. The second part of the programme was more focused on concrete questions of parents (online/offline) and the last part of the meeting was kid of Hyde Park, where everybody could ask concrete people on concrete topic without facilitation.

Invited schools were the Montessori school, Waldorf school, Sudbury school and 2 school independent on the formal system. There was as well one special guest from EduIN (influencer in education), who was giving some umbrella overview.

You can see, how it was on video. Now, it is in Czech, but maybe while using technology, you can shift it into your language.