Something happens for the first time. #1 International Mommas meeting

Today I was explaining to my son what the storm is. He is 2 years old, but somehow we witnessed together this amazing phenomenon of nature now. He was all ears, with this special look on his face, clear sign of curiosity. I felt so important. Seemed that I was the most significant person in his world. He was listening to every word whispered by me, even though usually I need to repeat everything 5 times to grab his attention. Those moments when something happens for the first time are so magical, so full of meaning and sometimes we can recall with all senses our emotions back than.


Ania, Przemo and Karolina
fot. Robb Maciąg

First, international meeting of Mommas ( 6-12 April 2019 in Lądek Zdrój, Poland) was somehow such a meaningful moment for me and I can risk to write – for all our participants. “The storm” finally came and we felt like dancing in the rain, not hiding under the trees. We, mums form Poland, Galicia and Czech Republic, around 30 persons, stories and rainbow of emotions finally met and for 5 days, accompanied by kids, sometimes also by partners or grandmums, we opened ourselves to a new learning and enriching experience.

World cafe method and sharing manual competences Fot. Robb Maciąg

Many of my friends from “the outside world” asked me: ok, but what have you been doing there exactly? So we were discovering that no matter where do you live motherhood means often facing similar challenges or anxieties; that maybe we can try to help each other and solve some problems, look for answers together without judging; that we can talk to each other, eat or laugh when one of us is breastfeeding, that we can learn how to dance samba with kids, that we can ecourage ourselves to have 30 minutes during a day completely for ourselves, our thoughts, goals or dreams. But first of all we knew that in this precious moment we give what we can contribute and we take what we are able to grab. The last thing was difficult for me as my expactations about my participation were much higher. I wanted to be more present with other mums, I wanted to speak more, listen more and take more great photos. I wanted to steal moments only for me. My son didn’t let me to do all this, as usual I have to add 🙂 I always want more and he remides me that someone else than me is my boss now. I was even angry that he told me what to do during MY FEST of motherhood. But this is how it works. This is my biggest lesson from  #1 International Mommas meeting – just try to take what is yours in this particular moment, because that’s all you can have.

Now I am singing to my son: Take yours and I’ll take mine. And I’ll find mine on the right of Your side” (Matthew Mole,Take Yours, I’ll Take Mine”).

Mommas meeting reconnected me with other women and surprisingly let me to discover the bond I have with my child. We have passed our honeymoon after coming back home. Maybe also him felt that something magical happened for the first time?

Love, Kamila

My son Teodor enjoying energy of the circle