Natural remedies for health issues. Tips from Galicia.

The picturesque landscape of Galicia and the presence of greenery everywhere  inspire to be close to NATURE. Calendula, rosemary, oregano and much more – all those natural power sources can help us to strenghten our bodies and minds. Check out homemade health tips directly from our girls from Galician Fontao. Share with us your best practices!

Valeria’s Garlic syrup: Garlic is a natural antibiotic and antibacterial that strengthens our immune system against viruses. You can prepare some natural garlic and honey syrup by following some simple steps:
1. Boil ¼ of a cup of water together with a smashed garlic glove.
2. Add the juice of ½ lemon and a spoon of honey.
3. Let it cool down and sieve it.

Our participants have contributed with their remedies for cold and flu symptons, skin problems on toddlers and mastitis related problems in infants mothers.
For example, Dianettis recommends yucca powder to calm diaper reaction. The procedure would consist on applying a thin layer of yucca powder before the diaper change. This keeps the baby ash fresh.
Other remedies for our children skin (Paula R.; María I.) would use the calming properties of the calendula (Calendula officinalis) oil applied on clean skin or oatmeal when having the dairy bath, by filling a sock with oatmeal, and introducing it in the bath water. Calendula is one of the basics in our home botiquin.
For the typical winter processes, Cristina G. points preparing thyme (Thymus sp.) infusion with honey, or lemmon juice and honey syrup at nights, just before going to sleep.

Our grandmothers used to prepare oregano (Origanum sp.) soup for cold pains. They would chop an onion and leave it on a plate besides the bed during the night.

Ana R. usually prepares thyme or rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) infusion with honey and lemmon. She uses some essential oils drops (lavender, eucalyptus, thyme) in almond oil to massage chest, neck or feet area.

Calendula. A very useful plant to calm and treat skin problems or burns.

Our partner from Guatemala Lorena Q. points mashed garlic and honey for cold and sore throat.
Patricia F. gives some practices for mastitis problems or even engorged breast by applying smashed cabbage leaves. The preparation consists of smashing the leave in order to breake the nerves, and then lay it on the breast, just under the bra. It’s necessary to change the leave every time it turns as it is cooked.
In addition, as Arroas tells, this plant can be used to cure and heal wounds, burns and ulcers.

Please share in cmments your tips with use of natural substances. We can together create a book of remedies which come from nature.

Chickweed, Muruxas (Stellaria media) A wild plant that can be eaten if boiled in tender state.
Rosa canina. The fruits of this plant are very rich in vitmain C. They can be used in infussions or to elaborate jams and sauces with the pulp of the fruits.
Rampion, Rapónchigo. (Campanula rapunculus) The root of this wild plant is sweet tasted and can be consumed raw or cooked.
Alkanet. Buglosa (Pentaglottis sempervirens) This is a wild plant belonging to Borage family, which includes some edible and medicinal Species.
Lemmon tree. Limoeiro. (Citrus x limon). Fruits of lemmon tree are used in several natural remedies, due to their extraordinary properties.

Author: Cristina Gende, Valerie Alonso 

Fot.: Cristina Gende