Food allergies and cooking solutions. Story of Agata.

Hi My name is Agata. I’m mum of 3 daughters Natalia (6 years old), Martyna (4), Paulina (1 year and 4 months). Martyna is allergic to gluten, dairy and egg white. That’s why more then 3 years my cooking is a quite different as normal cuisine. What does it mean? My whole family eats more healthy because of Martyna.


How you can see that your child has allergy? In case of Martyna, she was 6 months old and suddenly she got very red, dry cheeks and diarrhea. I thought immediately it was a fault of milk. But problem repeated also after eliminating it, later dairy and finally gluten. After 2 months situation was much more better. After next 7 months I gave her dairy products and I was very glad because she had no red cheeks any more. But you have to know that because child was elder you can’t see it outside but problem was still inside getting worse and worse being still invisiable for a parent. What convinced me was ” the test for food intolerance”. You can buy it in internet or do in good laboratory. There are different ones and different prices depends on how many products do you want to check.

Many of my friends ask me what do we eat? How I bake? There are many ways to replace products with others. Examples: milk with coconut or rice milk, egg in cake with grated apple or banana or Linseed , bread with no gluten one from buckwheat flour or riceflour.

Everyone knows that it’s very important to eat fruits and vegetables. The question is how to encourage a child to do it? My answer are smoothies! Start with fruits like apples and bananas. Later use more vegetables like carrot, parsley, spinach. Drinking smoothies in the morning strengthens yours and child’s immune system. My children have stopped getting sick since they drink smoothies. Their favourite one consists of parsley, 2 apples, lemon juice .To be healthy remember about water and natural probiotics.  Being allergic it’s such a tragedy. Obstacles exist only in our mind 😉

If your child hates everything what is green, your need to be creative! I tried to find the way to convince them that green is super colour – Shrek is green, grass is green and green gives you power!

Ideas for colorful smoothies:

Red one: 1/2 beetroot ,2 apples, juice of 1/2 lemon,3 slaces of fresh pineapple .

Green one: 2 leaves of collard, 2 apples, juice of lemon, fresh 1 orange juice. 2 cm of fresh ginger.

Author: Agata Drynda