Being a midwife. Interview with Sofia González Salgado

CRISTINA GENDE: How did you get to work on this?
SOFIA: It was more an escape from nursing, tired of laboral instability and lack of autonomy

C.G.: When do you start searching for another way to attend births?
SOFIA: I had a faith crisis, in 2005, when I began to read about physiological labours and I found that it had nothing to do with the training I had received or what I was doing every day. In the following years I worked on some cooperation programs, I did some training in countries with tradition of minimally
intervened labours, and finally in 2009 I attended a delivery at home

C.G.: I know that you are a person with many personal interests, you speak several languages, you travel whenever you can … how do you connect these aspects of your life with your job?
SOFIA: They feedback themselves. My less expansive personal periods are also poorer phases at work. I offer more and better things when I have more leisure time and receive more.

C.G.: Do you think you can contribute to the MOMMASCOFFEE project?
SOFÍA: No idea. Let’s see …

Sofia González Salgado. Midwife since 2004

C.G.: You are a very talkative person, a torrent of information and experiences, and when Antón was born I noticed the silence, calmness and respect that you maintained during the whole time of my delivery. How do you live this part of your job, where’s your mind?
SOFIA: It’s not an effort for me to stay expectant. Information and conversation as distractors can be sometimes therapeutic in a labour, but usually they aren’t necessary

C.G.: Finally, can we see you in any of the meetings planned in the project?

Thank you very much !!